Letting the coffee speak for itself

At Glazed Coffee House, we like to keep things simple and focus on quality. Serving our favorite coffees from roasters around the country was a great way to introduce you to single cup brewing. We were ready to develop and roast our own approachable, seasonal coffee menu. Our goal is to serve you a delicious and socially responsible cup that highlights the nuances inherent in each coffee we roast.

We’re proud to let the coffee speak for itself.

It's subtle and mild. Mild, like that first splash of sun on an April morning. This coffee is coffee the way it should be.

- Richard Tweek

For the Fans

Our artisan-roasted blends are available at the counter

Glazed Coffee #1



Glazed Coffee #2



Glazed Coffee #3



Organic Coffee #1



Organic Coffee #2



Organic Coffee #3



Opening times & Location

We are open 7 days a week from 10.00 to 22.00
78 Main street, Example Town

Dogs are not allowed in the shop.